Alia synesthesia

Operatic Mezzo-Soprano | Multi-Instrumentalist | Producer


Alia is a Yakut-born Canadian operatic singer, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and experimental digital artist. 

Best known for her work on solo neoclassical doom project Subterranea and as a touring band member (singer) for darkwave uk-based ATTRITION, Alia’s influences and inspirations span across genres of metal, progressive rock, electronica and avant-garde.   

Alia started making electronic music in 2011, inspired and influenced by acts like Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, Chelsea Wolfe, and others. Alia’s music, however, does not subscribe to a single genre, finding influences in richness and diversity of music: from black metal to progressive rock, from synthpop to darkwave, from industrial to dark ambient. All these and other genres have place in Alia’s music, revealing themselves in the most unexpected places.

To date, Alia’s project discography includes two full-length albums, seven EPs, two video game and film music collections, and five independent singles.  

Instruments: cello, drums, jaw harp, synth, operatic vocals