limited // only 20💥 copies

Black Edition: SOLD OUT

Black Edition is a hidden edition of Anhedonia limited to 20 copies only. It includes different versions of the same tracks present in white edition wrapped into audio drama narrative.  Black Edition is fully sold out and no re-editions are planned in the future.

Available on bandcamp💥

White Edition (Digital)

White Edition is available on Bandcamp as of August 31, 2021



official release: July, 2021

In Psychology, Anhedonia refers to inability to experience pleasure or loss of interest in pleasurable things. It’s linked to depression and other mental health disorders. 

Alia Synesthesia conceptually explores Anhedonia of modernity, not only as a de-contextualized nebulous tendril of clinical depression, but as an every day side effect of mental battles for purpose and meaning within systemic neoliberal cult of productivity.  


White Edition

White edition is the public edition of Anhedonia, it will take you on a psychedelic parallel world journey of a mind that internalizes, and comes to terms with, systemic pressure in order to survive and persevere. 

Cold, razor-sharp industrial basslines, amorphous atmospheres and indifferent, heavy drum beats in combination with distorted, dirty, grunge cello will take you out of your context into the world where function is a steady, measured process pinned down by accountability, while substance and meaning take a back seat. 

White edition includes a CD and digital download card included with the purchase. 

limited // only 20💥 copies

Black Edition

Black Edition is a hidden edition of Anhedonia. It includes all the same tracks present in white edition, but slightly altered and morphed, and different, and darker, and more twisted. 

You read this right, black edition is only limited to 20 copies, it will not be re-distributed or offered on bandcamp, so if you want it – act fast and get it on CD and via private download card

Black edition includes a CD, a digital download card, and a few surprises

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